Arthur S. Day, Partner, Co-founder, Senior Portfolio Manager of Day Hagan Asset Management in Sarasota, FL.



Arthur S. Day, Partner, for Day Hagan Asset Management; a SEC registered investment advisory firm. Art is a thirty-five+ (35+) year investment industry veteran, working with major Wall Street investment firms as a retail and institutional advisor.

His investment career began in 1984 as an account executive with Dean Witter Reynolds. In 1987, he was recruited by E.F. Hutton, which through numerous mergers and corporate realignments became Shearson Lehman Brothers.

During his tenure with Shearson Lehman Brothers, and aided by his affiliation with Capital Vectors Inc., Art was instrumental in initiating the launch of the Shearson Lehman Brothers TRAC mutual fund allocation program. The TRAC allocation program is often cited as setting the standard by which portfolios are allocated based on clients’ risk profiles determined through questionnaires. This first-of-its-kind strategy accumulated more than $5 billion within a year of its launch, and has since been duplicated by nearly every major and regional firm on Wall Street.

In 1993, Art accepted an offer from PaineWebber as First Vice President of investments. (PaineWebber was subsequently acquired by UBS.) During his tenure, he was an advocate and leading participant in numerous alternative strategies ranging from private equity, wealth preservation insurance solutions, and single and multi-manager hedge fund strategies.

In 1999, Art began his association with Engagement Systems as an investor and owner. He was also a leading contributor to the development of the firm’s client centric Skill-Weighted investment platform. Engagement Systems’ development of the Skill Weighted Portfolio Methodology emphasized index funds and ETFs due to market efficiencies, low fee structures and broad diversification.

In 2006, Art and Donald Hagan joined forces to form Day Hagan Asset Management to introduce and promote the Day Hagan Global Asset Allocation Strategy, a quantitative dynamic rebalancing index strategy, for national retail and institutional distribution.